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Hi, I am Lemonhead103
Before I had my shop and used Lemonhead 103 for the name, my email address was lemonheadlvr. For lemonhead lover add while everyone believes its the candy, which I do like, it is actually for a 90's alt rock band The Lemonheads.
I loved Ag since HS when Dad's Goddaughter was small and got her first doll. However I got to look wistfully at the catalogs, as by that age I was asking for musical instruments and they were not going to shell out for a trombone and a doll. So i hoped I would have a daughter, no luck. I was blessed with two nieces that are into AG and since the older of the two has some handicaps, they are the only dolls she really plays with. She can not change them without help though, and her babies always need clothes. I got a knock off doll first before learning she was much skinnier, in hopes of sewing for her babies. Then I got a Samantha and thought I was done, lol... no. Samantha became a boy, as my then 5 yo announced he wanted a boy one. In trying to replace my Samantha on ebay I bid on one and an Elizabeth and won both. All were PM. Then I found a 22 at goodwill for 4.00. I got a Bitty from Ebay and Saige, mt only brand new to me doll. I also adore Monster High, my 11 yo son is a fan as well as a fan of Kit.
Welcome! Big Grin
Hi! Welcome to the forum! :-)
Lemonhead, Samantha was the doll that started it all for me too!
I found a PM Samantha at a thrift store years ago for $4.95, and bought it as surprise gift for her. She has always wanted a Pleasant Company doll... I knew she would be so excited! I wanted to give her the doll in person so I could see her reaction, so Samantha stood on my dresser smiling at me for months. I fell in love with how cute she was, so I wound up finding myself a Samantha doll on Ebay. Otherwise there was no way my sister would have gotten her TS Samantha.
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