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Hi! I'm Molly!
Hi! I'm Molly McIntire!

Yup, that's right... The same Molly McIntire American Girl based a doll and her stories on! I'm now a fun loving retired nurse who has a big heart for everyone. The War Years were tough, but it built character and taught many lessons. It also taught me love and compassion for others, as so many men returned with their lives so profoundly affected by the war. My father was one.

During war's end I met this boy named Ronnie Vanko. He lost his dad in the war, and it affected his uncle. Ronnie's family struggled hard after his dad passed. Although at first we didn't particularly like each other, Ronnie and I ended up as good friends. During high school we dated, ultimately got married and started a family. I taught tap dance at the Jefferson Dance Academy for a few years, then went to nursing school. After passing the state boards, I started as a nurse at the Jefferson VA, where I worked until I retired many years later.

After retirement, we moved to Indianapolis where I now live. I miss Jefferson, and left with sadness as it was my home. Sadly, Jefferson like so many smaller towns went on the decline, and it was a shell of itself by the time I retired. The neighborhood of the house I grew up in, (and later Ronnie and I inherited) had become a ghetto full of ran down and boarded up houses. My house was torn down a few years back as it had become a crack house and also used for meth. I still cry when I think of all the love....

My beloved Ronnie died in 2007.

These days, I spend most my time teaching people, particularly youngsters what it was like growing up on the home front, volunteering at my church, and enjoying long walks in nice weather (this old lady is quite spry for her age). In addition to being the daytime Admin and Global Moderator (my counterpart is 12 hours opposite), I also maintain a Facebook page and blog as well.

Well, that's me.... please feel free to contact me by PM, at my e-mail or visit my Facebook page!

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