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Hi, it's me, Bee!
I have four dolls of my own. My daughter has put all 7 of hers up on her bookcase, but that is okay because I get to use all her dolly stuff. I have to figure out how to store it properly mostly out of her room but in a way that I can get to it when I want to make a new scene. She thinks I've gone crazy now that I have recently been buying odds and ends for the dolls, like the new sewing machine and Josie's wash basin. Well, we are missing pieces to that set. Still need the candle and candlestick and the lavender soap. Anyway, I have fun sewing and creating things for the dolls. Sometimes I actually do get to selling things in my etsy shop. It will be fun sharing things on here. I must also say that I really enjoy the color of this board! Smile
[Image: MyDolls_zpsdac1ffc4.jpg]
Welcome aboard!
Hi Bee! Glad to have you here! Smile

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