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Hello, my name is Andrea and I ♥ AG Dolls!
Hi everyone! Andrea here! I love AG and have been collecting for nearly 10 years now! My oldest daughter got me started and the first doll we ever purchased was Kaya in 2003, a gift for my oldest DD. When Kaya arrived, I could not believe how beautiful and amazing she was! I could not stop looking at her, she was so lovely and I wanted to keep her for myself...but I didn't of course! The first doll I bought for myself was a Today doll #6. I bought her used off of ebay. The first GOTY I ever bought from was Marisol. Unfortunately I was not able to get Kailey before she sold out. I gave this doll to my daughter for Cmas that year. My very first GOTY purchased new for myself was Chrissa in 2009. My own, very first historical was PM Addy and I bought her from a local seller. Well anyway the rest is history...
The most 18 inch AG dolls I ever owned at once was 39!

The only complete collections I own are GOTY Kanani and McKenna, Lanie is only missing one item.
Felicity, Addy, and Kit are in very close runnings, as I only need a few more items.
Molly is catching up...

I also have to add that I am a huge fan of the Our New Baby collection and it is complete as far as dolls, clothing, accessories, and furniture

It is very hard to pick a favorite amongst all my girls because I love them in different ways!

My hopes for the future is to have complete collections for all the GOTY dolls and the historical collections listed above.
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Hi Andrea! Welcome, and what a wonderful group of girls you have there! Smile
I like your siggy picture with all your dolls! Nice collection Smile.
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